Summer Olympic 2008

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of
the XXIX Olympiad
,  took place in Beijing, China, from August 8 to
August 24, 2008.
Beijing was elected as the host city for the 2008
Summer Olympics on July 13, 2001, during the 112th
IOC (International
Olympic Committee)
Session in Moscow, defeating Toronto, Paris,
Istanbul, and Osaka that made it to the short list bids.

China became the 22nd nation to host the Olympic Games and the
18th to hold a Summer Olympic Games. It was the third time that the
Summer Olympic Games were held in Asia -- after Tokyo, Japan (1964)
and Seoul, South Korea (1988).

The Government of the People's Republic of China promoted the
Games and invested heavily in new facilities and transportation
systems. A total of 37 venues were used to host the events, including
12 constructed specifically for use at the Games. (

The 2008 Summer Olympics emblem was known as Dancing Beijing,
which combined a traditional Chinese
red seal and a representation of
the calligraphic character
jīng. The official motto for the 2008 Olympics
"One World, One Dream" The motto called upon the whole world
to join in the Olympic spirit and build a better future for humanity. It was
chosen from over 210,000 entries submitted from around the world

Pictograms: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games graphic symbols . The
Organizing Committee for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games released
the Pictograms entitled
"Beauty of Seal Characters", a set of 35 icons
representing all the Beijing Olympics official events using the structure
of the Chinese seal script as the basic form while incorporating the
'pictographic charm of the oracle bone writing and the bronzeware
script with the simplification of modern graphics'.
To further understand
the symbols,
this website might help --
Beijing 2008 Olympic Mug
From My Shelf
Description: I believe this mug is a souvenir
Synchronized Swimming. (See middle
picture pictogram.) To complete your
collection, you just have 34 more to go.

(Used Item: looks like new with vivid color!)
Ceramic red mug: height-4", diameter-3

"(rim) // 2 1/2" (bottom).   
Here are the 35 events  represented by pictograms:  Sailing * Synchronized Swimming * Swimming * Diving *
Water Polo * Rhythmic Gymnastics * Canoe /Kayak Flatwater * Weightlifting * Baseball *  Archery * Judo *  
Wrestling * Shooting * Boxing * Football * Basketball * Table Tennis * Taekwondo * Equestrian * Triathlon * Modern
Pentathlon * Fencing * Trampoline * Volleyball * Beach Volleyball * Badminton * Softball * Cycling * Tennis *
Handball *  Hockey * Artistic Gymnastics * Athletics * Canoe/Kayak Slalom * Rowing

Visit --
(The official website of the BEIJING 2008 Olympic
Games - Games of the XXIX Olympiad.)
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London Summer Olympic

The world is awaiting for July 27-Aug.
12, 2012, when spectacular events
happen in
London -- the 2012 Summer
Olympics (the
Games of the XXX
). The London 2012 Olympic
bid was announced as the winner of
the bidding process on 6 July 2005.

Before this, London has hosted the
Olympic Games on 2 past occasions,
1908 (the Games of the IV
Olympiad) and
1948 (the Games of the
XIV Olympiad).
The 1944 Summer
Olympic (the Games of the XIII
Olympiad) which was awarded to
London in 1939, was cancelled due to
World War II.
These Games would
have celebrated the 50th anniversary of
the Modern Olympiad. (Wikipedia)

London is the first city to have hosted
the modern Games of three Olympiads
and the only city in the United Kingdom
to have ever hosted the Olympics. (
United States is the only country to
have hosted Summer Olympics on
more occasions than the UK

Why was there no city in the UK that
has hosted the Winter Olympic
Games? My million dollar would the mugs
souvenir look like this time?
London 2012 Red Olympic Mug

Red Official Olympics 2012 London Mini
Latte Mug. ('
An Official NBC London 2012
logo is featured on the front...')
For my virtual collection, I'm waiting for more RED mugs of the Olympics -- not just for 2012!!!
Official London 2012 Olympic Mug

I'm breaking my RED mug collection, but
this one seems to showcase the
Olympic symbol.
( has a similar one
that you can personalize with your name.)
London 2012 Union Jack Mug

I didn't want to break again my RED mug
collection despite my partiality to geometric
patterns (so I thought), and I skipped it.

(Later, I realized this is from the UK flag design.)

'With a contemporary
twist on the Union
Jack, these colourful
mugs have been
made to the highest
quality for a long-
lasting souvenir from
the 2012 Games.

(The first website I've
seen with the other
side and the Union
Jack emblems.
USA Olympic Team
15oz. Red On-Field Mark Bistro Mug

Each of the 205
participating nations
will be releasing
their own souvenirs,

t-shirts, pins, badges and
team clothing, as well as
photos and other
collectable memorabilia
of the summer games.   
Of course, the United
Kingdom will be
producing the most
prolific array of
 The 2012
Games mascots,
Wenlock, Mandeville
and Pride the Lion
will be featured on many
souvenirs, as will many
familiar icons of
such as the
double decker bus, the
Queen's Guard, Corgi
Cars and many more.
2012 Olympic Games Pictogram Mug
Set of 4 Union Jack Colours
Hi Ball Tumblers
NOTE:  Looking at
this Dartington
Crystal tumblers
made me realize that
these are the Union
Jack Colors and the
reason why the
Jack Mug above
came in similar 4 colors.
(Another trivia added to
my education after 60.)
--Love the colors!!!
Summer Olympics, 1984,
McDonalds, Los Angeles,

Glass Mugs,Collectible/Souvenir
NOTE: This reminds me of the forgotten  favorite mug
I loved to use when I first got here in California during the late
1980s. My younger brother had one among his very few and
precious possessions. I was just attracted to it. The different
symbols had no meaning to me, and I could not even
remember them. The Beijing and London Pictograms are just
jogging my memories that the ones here were grouped into 4,
representing some of the different sports played that year.
Just another
Olympic torch souvenir mug
of the 1984 Los Angeles
Summer Olympics.

Olympics 1984 "SAM the Eagle"
After having gone through 17
pages of
GOOGLE, it seems
a RED mug is a rarity...
for now, so I opted expanding
my virtual collection of mugs as
to what strikes my fancy.

Along the way, my ignorance
will become transparent in
more ways than one--
after 60 is still possible!
1984 Summer Olympics (the
Games of the XXIII Olympiad)
Los Angeles, California
Royal Doulton 1960-1984 Mug In Museum
Collection [1960-1984 Mug]
( 'Royal Doulton figurines and china tableware have come along
way since John Doulton made a £100 investment in 1815.' )