Mainly Mugs
Mugs...mugs...mugs! They are
the paintings on my shelf
rather than my wall. They are
cheaper and smaller to display.
This interesting rendition of life
captured on a mug makes each
shelf around me become more
entertaining -- a showcase of
the things I visually enjoy.

As I slowly approach my own
retirement, I must now let my
overflowing 'mug madness'
from my shelf to yours.

The mugs from my shelf are the
main collection that sparks the
simple beginning of this
website that later blossomed
as a tribute to a great woman,
Mama Dort.
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Mama Dort
From My Shelf
Welcome to Mama Dort's Casa! What you will find
here are mostly collections of her life's memories.

There comes a time in our lives when we should
learn to let go of the things that shaped our lives.
Memories can be treasured best in our hearts
when we no longer need to answer all the worldly
calls of what ones seemed important. Priorities do
change...and we see life from another vista.
Personally Yours, Philippines
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