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Mama Dort
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Memories online...memories remembered.
Once a working woman...a pioneer in the workplace, above
all--a mother, then a grandmother and much more...
Once Mama Dort loved
serving her family
circle during holiday
gatherings -- with her
fine china PALLAS
. Now, the well-
cared dish set must
find a new home.
As a woman ahead of her time, life did not
revolve just around her family. At the work-
place, she stood behind the glory of her
dream. Smart and artistic, she had collected
myriads of memories as well as  memorable
things of the past which will be difficult to let
go but must be done.
Can you tell how
thick is this
Life is a journey we all take. Along our
pathways...we encounter challenges,
discover truths, and accept realities.
Between the laughters and the tears,
are memories that fill this
luggage as
end, what we all that matters.
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